15 June 2008

Entry for April 02, 2008

Entry for April 02, 2008

I thought that when I divorced my first husband in 1986, that I would be finished with him when my youngest son turned 18 in 1997. Welllllll, today I received a phone call from a collection agency. The call was from a collection agency trying to track down my 1st husband's 2nd ex-wife's daughter (hope you followed that)! She has a vehicle that she hasn't been paying on and they thought I might have some info for them! I haven't seen or heard from any of them in years and years! The skip tracer told me that I had an indirect link to her and therefore whenever background on the ex-wife or her kids comes up, I will be linked somehow. I'm not entirely sure how all this works but after all these years it is really wild to get a phone call like that. Hmmm, my sons were looking for their dad a few years ago, maybe I should call her back and she can tell me where to look for him. On the other hand, I think I'll let sleeping dogs alone. My sons haven't talked about him in a loong time so I don't think I'll volunteer for that headache! LOL! Although, he does owe me thousands in back child support. (Originally posted on my Yahoo 360 blog)

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