17 May 2008

Entry for November 01, 2006

Graphic from http://www.accessv.com/~email/tshirts/clipart.html
On this day in history 1765--The Stamp Act went into effect. This was the first direct tax on the American colonies. This act was to generate income to maintain the military presence in the colonies. Maybe we should consider this in Iraq to defray the cost of their defense and rebuilding??? Just an idea for my readers to ponder. The colonists were literally up in arms about this tax. It was the first time they were taxed to raise money. Previously colonists had been taxed to regulate trade. The colonists were taxed on anything that was paper and this even included playing cards. To read this act go here . An interesting article may be found here .
Here are some links for patterns (FREE) to crochet or sew for your dog

I've made a few of these for Opi and Nellie. They "tolerate" me dressing them up because they know that when Ray sees them he will strip them down. Guy just doesn't have any class allowing our "kids" to run around naked!

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