17 May 2008

Entry for October 26, 2006

On this day in history 1916--Margaret Sanger arrested for obscenity because she advocated birth control. Many of her papers are online at the Margaret Sangers Papers Project . To view these pages, you'll need to sign the guest book. Ms. Sanger felt that women, especially poorer women, had their health jeopardized by frequent pregnancies. During the time when she was promoting birth control, disseminating such information was illegal. Nine days after she opened a birth control clinic on Oct. 16th, 1916, the clinic was raided and on the 26th of October, Ms. Sanger was arrested.

I've been a little derelict about posting crochet information. Today, I want to give you a link for free video crochet instructions. Go to http://www.nexstitch.com/v_chain_stitch.html and you will find some fantastic videos on how to do a starting chain and how to do various stitches. Great for beginners and also for those who are a little more advanced. The videos I previewed are great and should be beneficial. Check ‘em out!

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