17 May 2008

Entry for October 27th, 2006

On this date in history 1795—The Treaty of San Lorenzo, also known as Pinckney’s Treaty or the Treaty of Madrid was signed. This treaty defined the boundaries of the United States and the Spanish colonies. It also established friendly relations between Spain and the United States and established navigation rights on the Mississippi River. Go to http://www.earlyamerica.com/earlyamerica/milestones/sanlorenzo/text.html to read the text of this document.

You can probably tell by this blog that I have a "thing" for history. I have a BA in history from the University of St. Francis, Joliet, IL. class of 2002. I really wanted to be a genealogist when I "grew up" but the VA's VocRehab program, payers of my tuition, said "no way." I decided to become a librarian then. There isn't a undergraduate degree for librarians so I majored in history and minored in library science. Then, when my husband retired from the navy, also in 2002, I came to KY with him. Once more or less settled in down in the "Blue Grass State," I participated in the"Troops-to-Teachers Program" and received Kentucky certification as a social studies teacher for middle school and high schools. I also became certified as a professional librarian in KY. Jobs are scarce though. I worked as a substitute teacher for a little over a year. Then I was able to obtain a half-time position at the local library--take home pay less than $500/mo. So, I am now back to substitute teaching. Monday I have an appointment with a counsellor from Western Kentucky University. I'm thinking about going after my masters in history. Maybe with a graduate degree I'll be more marketable. I just hate the thought of taking out loans at my age (I'm knocking on the 1/2 century door) but we definitely don't have the funding. If I become more marketable, then my earnings will make it more worthwhile. It's a gamble no matter how I look at it. That's it for now folks!

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