17 May 2008

Entry for October 11, 2006

On this day in history in 1492-- Columbus's ships sight land--Bahamas. I really would like for my readers to stop when they hear that Columbus "discovered" America. In fact, there were actually people living here so it had already been "discovered." We celebrate Columbus date in the States but I would really ask my readers to stop and think about what Columbus actually accomplished. He had the 3 "Gs" he struggled to accomplish and that was God, Gold and Glory. In fact, he had offered a reward to the 1st person on one of his ships to see land. One of the crewmembers saw it first but Columbus cheated him out of the reward by saying that he had already seen land before the crewmember brought it to Columbus's attention. Nice fellow wasn't he. Another nice accomplishment that has been credited to Columbus was slavery. He utilized natives as slaves to mine for gold and whatever else was needed to be done. Nice guy and we honor him with a holiday. Geez, do I sound like I have a degree in history or something???

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