17 May 2008

Entry for November 17, 2006

This day in history 1970-- My Lai trial begins. 1st Lt. William Calley was accused of leading his men in a massacre of Vietnamese civilians at the hamlet of My Lai 4 on March 16, 1968. Lt. Calley was the only person convicted for this massacre. He has displayed no remorse for his part. Captain Medina, Lt. Calley's commanding officer, was charged in connection with the crimes, but was ultimately found not guilty of all charges relating to the massacre. A memorial at the site of the massacre lists the names of 504 victims, with ages ranging from one to eighty-two years. If you go to google images and type in My Lai Memorial you will be able to view numerous images of the memorial.
CNN stories
Memories of My Lai
Crime Library

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