01 December 2009

A Crocheted Mat for My Fur-Babies

Hi everyone!  Here is my latest crochet project.  It is a crocheted mat for my fur-babies for resting on the cold floor.  I made it out of 3 strands of ww yarn.  Two strands were from an assortment of scrap colors and one strand was black ww yarn.  I used a Q-hook to crochet it.  The 1st and last rows were single crochet and the remainder of the rows were half-double crochet.  The edging I made by doing a round of single crochet.  The 2nd row of the edging I did by crocheting triple crochet-chain 1-single crochet in one single crochet then skip one then do repetitions of  triple crochet-chain one-single crochet up to the corners.  For the corners, I did double crochet-chain 1-double crochet.  As you can see in the following pictures my chis--Nellie Belle and especially Opi like it.

Hugs to all...Sharon


  1. Thank you very much. I keep it under the bar in the kitchen for them to plop down on when I'm in there.


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