16 June 2008

Entry for May 03, 2008

Entry for May 03, 2008

Money Saving Tip-- Use your toaster oven instead of your big oven. You don't have to preheat it and it doesn't heat up your kitchen as much as your big one. Not only uses less energy, it also doesn't make your a/c work so hard in the summer.

On this day in history 1963-- Martin Luther King, Jr. delivers his "I have a dream" speech. Go to this page to read or listen to this landmark speech. Go to MLK Online to read more about the man and his civil rights work.

Crochet updates-- I am making baby blankets for 4 babies due this year. So far, I don't know if girls, boys or an assortment . Rght now, I am making a round ripple baby blanket in girl colors-- because it's yarn I already had. After that one, maybe I'll know the expected gender of at least one of them. Anyway, since they're all due in the fall, I have a long overdue project to redo before I start the next baby blanket. My bff has a furbaby that I need to redo a sweater for that I made. I have my yarn all frogged and I'm set to go after the first baby blanket is finished which should be sometime this next week. Of course, as I finish a project I will post pictures.

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