16 June 2008

Entry for May 01, 2008

Entry for May 01, 2008
Today is May Day. This is a holiday that has been celebrated more in England than in the United States. For the Druids of the British Isles, May 1 was the second most important holiday of the year because, it was when the festival of Beltane was held. It was thought that the day divides the year into half. Here you can find descriptions of Beltane riturals. The Romans brought their holiday celebrations to the Britain too. The beginning of May was a very popular feast time for the Romans. It was devoted primarily to the worship of Flora, the goddess of flowers. It was when, in her honor, a five day celebration, in May, called the Floralia, was held. Go here to read some brief facts about May Day. Go to this article to read about the history of Floralia.
Money Saving Tip-- Make your own convenience foods! Do you like the beef flavored rice mix? How about kettle corn? For pennies on the dollar you can make your own. Go here to see how. I haven't tried any of these yet. If you fix any of these recipes let me know what you think. (Originally posted on my Yahoo 360 blog)

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