16 June 2008

Entry for April 09, 2008

Entry for April 09, 2008

My new camera--
I just realized that I have completed quite a few crochet projects this year. Here they are Completed 2008 demi slippers (1pr), chenille afghan, dog sweater for MILs chi, ski hat, half moon shawl, boucle hat and scarf set, red/white dog sweater, blue & white rr, scarf with headband set (2), headband, rr for baby(2), pink baby hoodie .
I started another baby blanket last night. It is made out of baby yarn and a small hook so it will take a while. It's made in strips that will be whip-stiched together after they're all made. Baby isn't due until the end of the year so I have time (I hope) to finish it. I think this will be a WIP in between other things like some of the UFOs around the house (UnFinished Objects).
Yesterday I had to buy a new digital camera. My old one wouldn't recharge. It was a Philips and the battery was built in and couldn't be replaced. Pretty "cheesy" thing to do and definitely not environmentally friendly to have to dispose of a camera after about a year and a half. Oh, and you can bet on me buying a different brand with a changeable battery. (Originally posted on my Yahoo 360 blog)

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