16 June 2008

Entry for April 30, 2008

Entry for April 30, 2008

Today I'm going to start a new thing here on my blog. With the economic situation now a days, many of us are starting to feel the pinch. I thought that I would start putting a money saving tip in my blog whenever I make an entry. Soooo.....

Money Saving Tip-- When you make your coffee, put coffee in an insulated carafe after it finishes brewing. Saves electricity and keeps coffee from getting that thick, burned taste after warming too long.

On this day in history 1945-- Adolph Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide. Go here to read a short essay on Hitler's final days. Also, go here for another short essay.

Crochet-- I've been taking a little break from crocheting. I had too many irons in the fire so to say. Wellllllll, I have to get busy again. I need to make a baby blanket for my cousin, my very good friend's daughter, the wife of dh's co-worker, and my niece. Whew! I'm pooped out just thinking about it!I'm not sure if I'll make them all round ripples like I've been doing or if I'll try something else. Actually, I have one started but it seems to be slow going since it's made with a smaller hook and uses baby yarn. I was thinking of using that one for my cousin's baby since they live in Florida and use ww for the others. Wish me luck getting all of these finished! (Originally posted on my Yahoo 360 blog)

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