16 June 2008

Entry for April 10, 2008

Entry for April 10, 2008
There has been some discussion lately at a crochet forum I visit about what to do with those little ends of the skeins that aren't really big enough to make anything out of. Well, I'm a hoarder and hate to throw them away. Also, I'm rather burned out on making granny squares. What I have been doing is spool knitting and then taking the cord I've made and using a Q hook to crochet a mat for my fur babies to cuddle up on when they take their "naps." These things are easy to carry in my purse and I often pull out my spool and go to work when I'm stuck waiting places. As you can see from the picture, my Nellie Belle is quite the ham and had to sneak in the picture. I didn't know she was there until I "developed" the picture on the computer! LOL! Does anyone else have any ideas of what to do with small balls of left-over yarn? Let me know! (Originally posted on my Yahoo 360 blog)

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