07 April 2016

Still Crocheting...

Here are some more finished things I crocheted.

Merry-go-round dishcloths:

Can't find the scarf and hat patterns I used for these. I don't think I downloaded them, might have just had them on the screen of my laptop while I crocheted them. The yarn is a very soft mill end I got at Joann's. 

We'll be headed back to Kentucky before the end of the month but before we go, our older son is coming down to see us tomorrow (in Florida) for a quick visit. It will be great to see him and it will be nice for him because Kentucky is having a very cold spell this weekend.

I've been doing the A to Z Challenge 2016. It's interesting and I'm finding a few interesting blogs to read. Check it out for some interesting reading.

This is it for now folks!

Hugs, Sharon

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