05 January 2011

Ingenious Idea for a Yarn Winder

For Christmas I received a Boye electric yarn winder. It's ok but the balls it winds are extremely loose and if I try to apply tension to the yarn the machine whines and screams. Anyway, I was wandering through the virtual aisles at Youtube and found this video about adapting an electric mixture and using it for winding yarn. I just might give it a try  :)

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  1. That is coool!!! I too saw a nifty video on youtube a few months ago, and it was well, lol, a girl spinning plarn with a sewing maching, using the bobbin winder and holding the plarn out really far. I tried it and it stinks because the sewing machine only allows you to spin a very small amount at ta time, and it breaks easily as well, if you watch the video you will see that you have to walk quite a ways away from the machine to keeep spinning and it is hard to keep your foot on the petal, I have an antique singer from the 60's and watching me do that must be hillarious, LOL, it's easier to just crochet with the plarn without doing that, hee hee, but the yarn winding idea there in the video you posted looks like it would work well. I know, not the same thing as spinning but I thought I would mention it because I thought it was kind of funny about the sewing machine. Here's a link to the video, I just found it for ya. Smile! ;-)

  2. Oh yeah, there is always the hand winding meathod with an empty toilet paper roll tub. You cut a slit in the tube for the inside part of the pull skein, you the insert the end of the yarn into that slit and tuck it inside of the tube while you proceed to wind in the formation of an X, keep doing this until you have the desired amount wound, then reach in and gently pull the inside end out of the slit you cut and slowly slide it off of the tube and then whalla, you have yourself a center pull skein.

  3. Piper: I watched the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jr5bJbTZHgk and it is an innovative way to get double duty out of an appliance. I always thought you crocheted plarn with strips and didn't worry about spinning it. Learn something new every day-- ;)

  4. Oh, yeah, you can just work the strips and the plarn kind of gets spun with your fingers even if you don't try, lol, on it's own when crocheting. I did see a woman on youtube once who was spinning plarn on a modern spinning wheel, and it looked awesome. I think that video was called something like "how to ply plarn". I'm going to look for it, but the finished result does not resemble what you would think, it looks like fuzed plastic string that they make jelly braclets with or something. OK, I found the video, it has some soothing jazz music and I so want the spinning wheel she used, it looks so beautiful when it's finished. Here's the link.

  5. Those electric yarn winders are expensive so sorry to hear your not happy with yours. That is a really good idea about the mixer winding yarn I just may have to try that myself sometime instead of purchasing one thanks for the tip hugsss


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