05 January 2011

WIP Wednesday (01-05-2011)


OK Folks, it's a wip Wednesday post! Wish I could say I was cranking out projects left and right but the fact is, I seem to be starting new projects every time I blink! Anyway, here's some of what's going on:

  • I found some old rug yarn as I was surveying my yarn stash to see what I had. I found this pattern to make slippers out of it. I'm thinking of making the top out of Lion Brand Boucle but then maybe it won't wear well? Any ideas anyone 'cause I have a lot of that yarn from when Dollar Tree was carrying it.

  • Still working (albeit not too much) with these squares aiming for a ghan:
Some of you may remember that my mil found a bag of these squares with extra yarn and picked them up for me.

  • As I was supposedly working on my "yarn warehouse" aka spare bedroom/craft room, I found some lighter weight yarn and decided to make a baby cocoon from this book:

And here's the picture of where I'm at with this project:
This seems to be a slow-going project with the lighter weight yarn and smaller hook (F).

I really, really want to organize my yarn but so far my main accomplishment has been to make a bigger mess of it and start more projects out of yarn I'm finding! OK, get it together Sharon, you can do it LOL! 

Have a great day everyone...


  1. I'm with you on the yarn organization thing, although I've made quite a bit of progress. That reminds me I need to blog about that.

    Love the cocoon! Didn't have that sort of thing when mine were babies, they just said at the hospital to keep a receiving blanket wrapped snugly around them for security.

  2. I'm with you....always too many projects all going at the same time, and more that need to be started!

  3. I love the baby cacoon its gonna be pretty

  4. I really do have good intentions about organizing my yarn lol! Didn't have the cocoons when my sons (now 30+ yrs old) were babies either. Baby things and care have really changed. Thanks e1 for your nice comments and for stopping in.

  5. That rug yarn is beautiful, though I have not been able to find any of that in the craft stores. That gypsy sling bag pattern I want to make for my mom calls for rug yarn, though I think I may just double strand some worsted weight acrylic because it's probably cheaper for me. The square you made is lovely and the baby cocoon is too cute, my heart feels awe at that one. LOL at the yarn warehouse, I feel the same way about my poor old couch lately, ha ha. I seem to have a reserved corner there where I lay some patterns and works in progress, ha ha. Once again you have made another excellent post. Time to go click on some relevant ads now. Weee. Yesterday I found the Favecrafts link in your google ads so I went there from your blog and surfed around staring at their patterns. It was fun. ttyl, hugs.

  6. I think you should look you up a rug pattern and make yourself one. I love the color of that yarn :o)

    And of course I love the baby cocoons and I cant wait to see yours finished. I made one for my step daughter because she recently had a baby but it was pink and she said no pinks so I gave it to a little girl that was happy to have it :o)

  7. Oh my gosh, look at this fabulous hand knitted sweater blouse I found when surfing after clicking on your google ads from this blog and your other blog when I went to check that out. I just about drooled when I saw this one.
    It's too pretty. I want to make stuff like this.

  8. Oh! I would love to buy one or two of these. My neighbor just started her photography business and I'd love to give these to her as a gift. Do you sell them?

  9. Laura--What item were you asking about?


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