05 January 2011

Had to Share a Dose of Humor with You!

Here's a little dose of "silliness" to put a smile on your face. Laughter benefits our well-being and health. I know at my age, every giggle helps. Here's my contribution to improving the health of us all:


  1. Thanks Sharon, lol, that was majorly silly. Smiles

  2. That is funny and it looks like they have had a lot of practice with those moves LOL

  3. Hi Sharon - I've given your blog the "Stylish Blogger Award". You can come by my blog to pick it up. :)

  4. Sharon,
    I fixed that song and replied to your comment on my blog. Your blog posts generate awesome google ad links. I decided to go treasure hunting and I found a site called Annies Attic, if I ever had the extra money to buy crochet patterns instead of just using free ones or taking the painstaking time of writing my own patterns, I would seriously buy some from there. They had the cutest stuff. Animal braclets, they were like little stuffed animals, tiny little monkeys, and that, which hang around the wrists in a fancy way, not too bulky but totally cute. They also have some little girls purses patterns, one was a Unicorn, way cute. I was clicking and clicking like crazy. I kept coming back to your blog for more, hee hee. I must have surfed at least 8 different sites ranging from crochet patterns, to spinning wheels and winders. It was a treat!!! ttyls and Thank you.

  5. I guess they have practiced that more than once or twice...pretty cool cause it made me smile.

    Thanks for Sharing a smile today.

  6. Fantastic! Thanks for that! What a good laugh!


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