06 November 2011

Finally, I'm here...

I'm sorry that I haven't been visiting many of your blogs lately. I still feel kind of under the weather although all my medical tests are coming out normal. Insomnia and horrible dreams when I do sleep wake me up several times a night. Tomorrow, I'm having my root canal finished and then I have to make an appointment to have a permanent filling put in. Anyway, that's enough of the not so nice news and on to something better.

We harvested our potatoes. Didn't get many I think because I had used some of the small, gourmet potatoes that had eyes on them to plant. Hubby didn't want to pile our tires higher and fill them in with more dirt; so........... we had a small harvest of small potatoes. I plan on steaming some of them one day next week as a side dish with supper.  Below is a picture of our small harvest and no, the darker ones are not souvenirs from Opi and Nellie Belle! The "meat" of the darker ones is actually a beautiful purple color. If you're wondering what tires have to do with potatoes, we plant potatoes in tires and stack additional ones on top as the plants grow and add more soil.

On to crocheting : I'm weaving the ends in on the latest afghan I'm working on. I'm only going to show you the colors and not post a picture until it is totally finished. I'm going to call it "Serene Seas."

Hope everyone is doing well and are staying warm....


  1. I hope you feel better soon Sharon. :)

  2. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. I hope you feel better soon! I've never seen potatoes like that but they look very good. Your tire idea is really great and I'll have to tell my hubby...we would definitely like doing that here. I love the colors of your afghan and can't wait to see it.

    Blessings - Julie

  3. Sharon,
    Drink some hops tea, it is good for nightmares and is a hypnotic herb, and sleep with a sache of lavender flowers under your pillow, this will also help with the nightmares and sleep.
    I am glad you are posting again, I have not posted in quite a while myself. Take care.


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