03 January 2011

First Completed Crocheted Project for 2011

Here is the first project I completed this year. It's a scarf. I made this to wear as a "dress-up" thingie for plain shirts especially turtlenecks. It's not one of those things that would be a good outdoor-keep me-warm thing because of the gaps in the stitch pattern. I found this yarn in a thrift shop some time ago and I decided this would be a nice brainless pattern to work on in between other things. What do you work on when you just need something mindless to keep your hands occupied? Thanks for stopping in and visiting. Y'all come again...


  1. Looks very nice - love the colors. :)

  2. Pretty! And, it looks like you are getting some sun too. It's cold here, but we have sunshine and blue skies. Hope you have a great day! :-)

  3. I think it is really pretty.

  4. That is pretty. I went to the Goodwill not long ago looking for some yarn but they did not have any, so I asked one of their workers and she told me that they get lots of yarn most of the time and certain times of the year more, she also said it goes really fast, lol. Well, then I had bought some Red Heart Super Saver and was glad, lol, at WalFart, I mean Walmart, lol, (Did I say that? hee hee). Well, when I get bored like that I just crochet whatever I can, sometimes even using plarn (recycled plastic grocery bag yarn). As of late though, these past few days since realizing that they were here, I have been clicking on your google ads. I figure this way I get to see relevant material and well, we both win, hee hee. Hugs and blessings to you. The scarf is very beautiful.

  5. Thanks everyone! Still have a few balls of this yarn left. Need to figure out another project with it :)

  6. I have my eye on a few patterns.
    This one looks like it would be interested to suprise someone with if they have outdoor chairs under an awning or a screened in area, indoor chairs would suit it just fine also.
    This is another pattern I love, I worked the top and gave it to my Aunt for Christmas, she put it on immediately, it's vintage, and I ran out of yarn before I could finish the pants, lol. Oh yeah, this is also one of my favorite vintage crochet sites, though sometimes the pages load slow because it's an archiving system, but you may just love it too if you love vintage, especially 70's style. Perhaps that makes me a dork but I love it, lol. Oh yeah, when I worked it I used the Caron One pound and just measured my gauges. Here's the link.
    Here is another one on the same site I am itching to try out, they are just lovely.
    This one is so my mom and I want to make it for her. Same site again.
    That site seriously has some of the coolest stuff, the links to the main pages are at the bottom part of the page for each pattern page, there is a lot!!
    Isn't this next one totally beautiful, though I would make the babydoll dress a bit longer because too short is just well, distasteful to me.

  7. lol, I was able to find the main page for all of the links, scroll down the whole page and look around to see them all. I am just simply in awe and facinated when I go there.


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