24 December 2010

Another Towel Ring Crocheted and Our Christmas Tree--Finally!!!

One more towel ring finished yesterday. I made it while dh drove me to an appointment in Louisville. This is probably a "spare" gift and will go into my gift drawer. Or, I might give it to a gentleman friend of the family. He's a single guy and this is kinda "manly." ;) I always like to see a man with a dishtowel in his hands lol!

Here's this year's little tree. I can only remember 2 times my entire life that I haven't had a tree to the ceiling. One year I'm not going to go into but the other time was when dh and I had transferred to Hawaii the week before Christmas and were in a hotel room with the kids. I bought one of those small little bitty trees in a pot and did all my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve--what an adventure that was! We had our Christmas feast at a restaurant and went swimming afterwards. It was really a special time for us and the boys were amazed that Santa Claus had found them so far away from where we had been living.  This little tree will be planted in our yard after the big day. I'm going to dedicate it to the special people in my family who are no longer with us.

No matter your faith and beliefs, may your day be blessed and the New Year too.

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