24 December 2010

Just About Ready for Christmas...

After writing this post I got my rear in gear and accomplished all these tasks! We really downsized Christmas this year. Every year I had told myself to stop going overboard shopping and this year I think I have finally accomplished that goal. Of course, not getting in the holiday spirit in a timely manner helped out a lot with that goal. Anyway, without little ones celebrating the holidays with us, we decided to get a small tree that we can plant in our yard--this saved time tree decorating. I only made a few batches of goodies because there aren't enough of us to eat the quantities I made on other Christmases. There has been a change of plans, mil was to have Christmas dinner at her house, but those plans changed and I'm now (as of yesterday) making Christmas dinner at our home and she's making one on Sunday (I don't know why). So, I'm popping a small ham into the oven and stuffing a chicken too. I'm not going to go overboard (2 main courses for only 4 people isn't going overboard???) for dinner. I have to tidy up a little bit and do a little food prep tonight and that's it until tomorrow. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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