01 February 2010

Monday's Link for Free Crochet Pattern

Today's free pattern is for a crocheted baby set and afghan done in the shell stitch.  Enjoy...


  1. awwww thats such a cute lil baby picture..I printed that pattern out the lil sweater looked really cute, I might have to try and make something like that one day..I have been trying to figure out a pillow pattern to make for my step daughter, I found one but I dont quite understand reading it so i gave up ...lol

  2. Oh goodness you sound like me! I have so many projects that need to be frogged because I've given up on figuring the patterns out! I get frustrated and just put those projects aside and move on to something else. I really like the vintage-type things for babies. Actually, I like many vintage type things just not the geometric prints in home decor--been there, done that once in my lifetime already lol.


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