29 December 2009

Barney Finally Gets a New Bed

Our little chis--Opi and Nellie Belle have 3 beds between the 2 of them not to mention all sorts of little blankies/mats/rugs that I have crocheted for them to snooze on. For Christmas, Santa brought Barney her own big girl bed. Opi staked a claim to it right off the bat. Today, for the 1st time, Barney was able to take a nap in her own big girl bed.  Hey, you can check out my chis blog if you want to.  Hope you enjoy. Hugs....

Barney Napping in New "Big Girl" Bed

Opi, the Bed Thief!

Hmmm, Maybe Opi Was Giving Paybacks!


  1. I just have to say again how precious they are they are so little I just want to hold them and love them so much lol

  2. Opi is a lover and cuddler. My other chi, Nellie Belle, is a diva and acts like she's the most special one. She steals dog treats from Barney and weasels her way in front of or on top of the others when they're getting attention. Otherwise, Nellie is nosy and not a cuddler until bedtime.


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