18 May 2008

Entry for March 07, 2007

Entry for March 07, 2007

On this day in history 1957--I was born!!! I was born on my Grandma Jungles birthday. She was born in 1905. I was her first granddaughter and I thought I was the special one. Grandma was really the special one and I miss her very much. She passed away on 26 Dec 1974. My stepmother felt insecure (or something) about my mom's family and I wasn't allowed to see Grandma the last few years of her life but I was allowed to go to the funeral home to see her when she died. God Bless you grandma. I wish I was 1/2 the woman you were. In this picture you see (your left to right) Grandpa Jungles, my brother, Grandma Jungles, Me with the glasses and my sister. This was (I believe) taken on our joint birthday in 1967. Thanks for visiting!

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