18 May 2008

Entry for February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!!!

I am a substitute teacher. Today I taught a 5th grade class. The regular teacher maintains very good discipline so I thought that I would have a great day. Unfortunately, these youngsters decided they had things to say. During the lesson on good manners, I wasn't shocked to hear some kids make remarks about flatus. That's to be expected from 5th graders. What I was amazed about was when I walked them to the cafeteria for lunch, one young lady started asking questions of other students why it was ok for Blacks to call Whites names and not the other way around. I jumped right in there and reminded her that we had just had a lesson on good manners and she should have learned that it is never right to call anyone a name that is meant to degrade or otherwise hurt them. That afternoon, I gave them a 1-page essay to write "Ways that good manners make my life better." Later, it was brought to my attention that she had been discussing the subject of male genitalia in very graphic details with some of the boys during lunch. OK Folks, lets keep in mind that the average 5th grader is 10-11 years old. The schools are very strict about not tolerating racism and sexually explicit subjects. That leaves her knowledge as having roots at home. It is very sad to see that the innocence of our children is being lost to irresponsible parenting. It takes more than feeding, clothing and housing a child to teach them about being responsible, decent human-beings.
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