18 May 2008

Entry for January 22, 2007

On this day in history 1973-- Roe vs Wade US Supreme Court legalizes some abortions. Norma McCorvey, using "Jane Roe" as an alias, and representing all pregnant women in a class-action suit charged that the Texas abortion law violated the constitutional rights of McCorvey and other women. McCorvey was 21 and her marriage was failing. Her young daughter was being raised by McCorvey's parents. McCorvey challenged Texas's ban on abortions. To read about this case go to this article. Ms. McCorvey has since changed her mind about abortions and has converted to Catholicism and become a strong prolife advocate. To read about her conversion, go here . Visit this page to view images of abortions. This page is not for the squeamish but it will waken one up to the brutality of abortions and the disregard for LIFE. In most of my references to topics of historical interest, I strive to be nonjudgemental. On the instance of abortions, I cannot be. Abortion is wrong, it takes lives and is murder.

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