18 May 2008

Entries for February 25th and 23rd, 2007

Entry for February 25, 2007
As I was skipping across the Internet, I found some unusual crochet things. Here is an article complete with a picture on a "nude" crochet "sculpture." How cute! The whatnottocrochet website has pictures of really outrageous crocheted items. They do not include patterns though. Here's a page that has patterns--some free, some not; for unusual things such as bones, sausage link scarf and a few more. Gullum Hat is based on one of the Lord of the Rings characters.
St. Patricks Day Crochet Patterns
http://www.e-patternscentral.com/list.html?cat_id=16 (These patterns aren't free but some cost as little as 99 cents. Just browse through these pages for St. Patrick's day patterns)
Go ahead and use your favorite search engine to find more.

Entry for February 23, 2007
Sometimes (or maybe I should say most of the time) when I substitute teach, the students try to think of ways to get out of the classroom. Yesterday a young man at the high school told me he had to go to the restroom really bad and if I didn't let him go he'd pee all over himself. That excuse is pretty lame, especially since he only had about 20 minutes left in class. I told him to wait until class was over. He said but I have a condition--irritable bowel syndrome. What do bowels have to do with peeing??? LOL!

Black History-- An online article tells the story of the Scottsboro boys. Nine young black men (13 - 21 yrs of age) were riding on a train when they were pulled off it and charged with the rape of 2 white women. One of the women said that she had NOT been raped by any of them. This article tells of the miscarriage of justice and illustrates the racism that was all to common back in the 1930s when this event occured. The article also gives links to newspaper stories written back then. Eventually, charges were dropped against 5 of them. The other four were retried and convicted; three were later paroled, and the fourth escaped.

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