04 October 2016

My Version of a Granny Ripple

Just finished an afghan the other day. I used the Granny Goes Ripple pattern. The yarn I used was Caron Cake and Caron One Pound. I didn't realized that the Caron Cake was a wool and acrylic blend and was recommended to be hand washed. Another thing about Caron Cake yarn is that it is very light weight when compared to other medium weight worsted yarns. The afghan was going to be a gift but I decided to keep it for myself and make another one for a gift. Here's the pic:

Take care and hope all is well with you.


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  1. Hi Sharon: Your blanket turned out really nice. I haven't tried the yarn you mentioned, but you can visually see a difference in the yarn's weight in your photo. I was sorry to hear you'd been ill. I'm glad you are feeling better now and recuperating. Take care, Heather

    1. Thank you Heather. I had heard a lot of hype about the Caron cakes. The yarn is beautiful but the weight is off. I think this is more of a light weight worsted rather than the medium it is tagged. It is going to be fun laundering it since it has to be dried flat. In warmer month's I'll probably put a clean tarp on the ground outside and lay it out to dry quickly. Don't know what I was thinking. The colors are pretty so that's probably what kept me going.


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