28 March 2016

The Snowbird Master Bath is Finished!

Yep, the title is correct--husband has finished the master bathroom redo! Remember the ugly, outdated and dilapidated old bathroom?

Here's the new look moving in a clockwise direction--

There was limited room for a couple of towel bars so we decided to go with hooks that hubby mounted on a board with the edges routered.

Floor is linoleum but it has a nice, rustic wood look to it.

Shower view 1

Shower view 2

This is a very deep linen cupboard (almost 30"). Under it is room for a hamper

Mirror over vanity.

Wanted a secure mirror so mounted directly to wall with a couple screws and anchors. Unfortunately, the screws were ugly. What we came up with was a couple gold buttons with their shanks removed and then glued over the screws! Pretty classy look to it.


Medicine chest

You know what this is :)

New door.

This is it for now. Time to take it easy until next winter's projects. Thanks for stopping in.



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