27 January 2015

Making Husband Happy...

When we migrated to Florida for the winter, I went to Dollar Tree and bought microfiber dishtowels and dishcloths. I must confess, I am spoiled when it comes to doing dishes because husband does them. He had a big case of dislike for the microfiber towels and dishcloths because they just didn't seem to dry or wash the dishes very well. I replaced the towels and I've been making new dishcloths. Here are a few that I've recently made.

For the red, white and blue dishcloth, I used an H hook instead of a G hook. Also, I made 2 rounds for the edging instead of 1. Plan next time is to use G hook and do 2 edging rounds and that should make this closer in size to other dishcloths.


  1. That is a neat cotton (the cream with flecks of blue in it). I haven't seen it before. I like all the texture in your dish cloths. Hope you are having a great day! Heather

  2. Thank you for sharing the Diagonal dishcloth pattern. The other link seems to be to a domain that no longer exists - too bad. Microfiber has its uses (wonderful for cleaning lenses and eyeglasses) but drying dishes isn't one of them. Alana (the family dishwasher)

    1. When you try to access the pattern and a black box pops up and says something about being expired, there is an "X" in the corner of this box that you can click on and get the pattern.

  3. I agree with your hubby; microfiber is kind of weird when it comes to drying. Great dishcloths! I need to make some for our kitchen; thanks for the pattern links.


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