09 November 2013

Here's the Projects I Haven't Had Time to Post about Lately

My friend saw a hat I made and asked if I'd make one for her too. She's a California girl and has been cold since she's been here in Kentucky at the rehab/nursing home. I think the color of this one looks great on her.

Poor thing really messed her leg up--

One of her nurses liked the hat and asked if I'd make her an identical one and another hat out of a different pattern in gray.

A little over a month ago, I made a scarf. I forgot what pattern I used but it came from one of the yarn companies sites like lion, bernat or one of the others (I think). I made another hat like the gray one but I used a flower on it instead of the bow-like trim.

Ray has been a bit slow with the bathroom remodel. We've changed the design of the shower tile layout a few times. He also doesn't like working with the subway tiles and had wanted to use 12x12 inch tiles but I pouted long enough to convince him otherwise. ;)

For some reason, many of the pictures I take in the bathroom have these orb-like blobs in them. Maybe we have ghosts?!

All the drywall has been finished as has the electrical being redone and ready for the fixtures. He installed a new dual flush toilet and had to remove it and take it back because there was a defect--when he did the first test flush water spewed out a crack that looked like a defect in the manufacturing. We got a different type and it isn't a dual flush but does conserve water.

See the little crack at the top on your left.

This is the good toilet. The drywall behind it is all done now.

I think I'm caught up here except for a pair of slippers I made. I'll put them in here later on. 

Take care y'all!


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  1. The hats and scarf look very nice Sharon. :)


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