09 November 2013

Sorry I've been gone for so long. My friend came to visit me and she ended up falling and broke 2 bones in her left leg. She had to go in the hospital and have a rod put in her leg. She is now in a nursing/rehab facility here. I've been spending a lot of time with her. We're hoping that in the next week she can walk the length of the hallway and then she can come to my house until she becomes more mobile and is able to go home. Her surgeon doesn't foresee her being able to travel until the middle of December. I have a few things I've completed that I'll be back later to post. Take care everyone...



  1. Hi Sharon. I hope your friend heals up quickly and feels better soon. :)

  2. Thanks Debi. I broke her out today for the afternoon and took her shopping in her wheel chair, out to eat and to my house. Being in a nursing/rehab is pretty gloomy.


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