27 April 2012

Quick Trip to Thrift Store Yesterday

I made a quick trip to the local thrift store yesterday just because I had a few dollars burning a hole in my pocket and also because I hadn't visited there for a while. I bought only 2 things but I'm pretty darned happy with what I got.

The first thing I got was a pretty summer top in new condition. It's an Old Navy brand and was only $3. It should go with most everything because it's white and I think it may look nice belted with a sash to wear with a broomstick skirt--I'll have to check this out though..

And then for $5, I got this serving dish that matches my Pfaltzgraff dishes. I'm always on the look out for odds and ends to match these except I do not need any more plates (I have 70+), saucers or coffee cups. Serving pieces and bowls are what I'm scoping out.

There's a story about these dishes. When dh and I were newlyweds, he brought me back a basic set of these dishes from the Navy Exchange overseas in the Philippines. There were only 4 place settings so I  kept them packed away like a sentimental keepsake or something. I started finding odds and ends of this design at thrift stores and yard sales. I have an aunt who is seemingly able to find anything and she bought me a gazillion pieces too. So for the last 10 years we have been using these dishes. DH doesn't like them because they get very hot in the microwave so I keep a couple odd plates just to reheat things on. I love these dishes and the thoughtfulness of my non-domestic husband surprising me with the original set. Sometimes he amazes me. :)

Only 2 more rows to go on my shawl! I've been bad about keeping up with weaving in the ends when I change colors at the end of every row. Maybe I can "hide the ends" to take a picture in the next day or too so you can see the "finished" project. ;)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Great finds, I just love thrift stores and especially when I can find something special...


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