22 December 2011

I'm Pretty Happy With My Christmas Present

Santa decided to let me in on my Christmas present early. DH and I decided to get a joint present this year for our home. We had gotten rid of our old dining room set because it took up too much room (it was a large booth-type). DH had found a set in a Sears sales paper. I told him I wasn't too thrilled with the cheap-looking thing it so he told me to see what I could find. For just a few dollars more, I found a nice set with 6 chairs reduced by almost $900 at Penneys! We won't get it until the day after Christmas and that's ok. Here's a picture of it that I snagged from their site:


Sorry for the poor quality of the picture. When I "snagged" it, I could only get the smaller view so when I put it here, it looks kind of bad. :)

See Beautiful Dining Room Sets

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  1. What a great Christmas present - it looks very nice. :)


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