18 March 2011

Still Working on the Afghan...

Yep, it's the same picture as the last time I wrote a post about this ghan--I don't want to spoil the grand reveal. Anywho, here's the update on my status with it. I decided since I had a lot of black yarn left, I would make 5 granny-ish rounds around the entire thing. I frogged a bit and got started. Well, I ended up with only enough black to do 3 rounds so I went on an archeological dig at the stash site and came up with some odds and end balls of gray and a reddish (maroon/burgundy/wine/claret) color. I ended up making 7 extra rounds and I'm working on the last 2 sides of the edging. I have a few ends to weave in too and then it will be done. I'm really happy that I wove the ends on the squares in as I made them otherwise this may have become a ufo again! Stay tuned...it won't be long now! Y'all have a great weekend!

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  1. I still cant wait to see it LOL I hear on weaving those ends those are a pain for sure :o)

  2. Ends are woven in and afghan is in the washer. I'll take a picture when I have some good light tomorrow. :)


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