17 March 2011

The Finish Is in Sight!

I have all my squares sewn together and I'm about a 1/3 of the way done making an edging on the afghan I'm finally assembling. I decided to enlarge it a bit so it's taking a tiny bit longer to finish but I think it will be worth it. Here's a sneak-peek:

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  1. I am very curious of the final result as I do love colours you have used. Greetings ;)

  2. Looks like you are making great progress. Looking forward to seeing your finished afghan. Happy St. Patty's Day. :-)

  3. I cant wait to see the finished project. Your colors almost resemble what I am using for mine. The gray and the darker redish color, sorry cant think of what to call it at the moment LOL Maroon???

  4. I'm really liking this one. I am always amazed at how much one can vary the basic granny square afghan and come up with something different. Just another day or so as long as I get back to it today. Have a great weekend everyone.


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