07 March 2011

I'm Happy to Be Back--

Hi everyone. It is good to be back here the "regular" way. Blogging via text doesn't work for me very well. On my trip to visit family in Florida, I took 2 skeins of yarn with me to make a scarf. I was actually able to make 2 scarves from it and went to the store to buy more yarn. The week I was gone, I almost finished 4 scarves in the evenings while we chilled out.  The pattern I based them on is this one I blogged about before I left. Of course, I modified it a bit because I didn't want such a skinny scarf. I wanted it to be a scarf that would warm a person's neck. This is a very easy scarf to make and I recommend it to someone looking for an easy, quick pattern. This pattern is easily adjusted to make longer or wider. Here's some pictures:

Red Heart yarn, color "Ocean"

Red Heart yarn, colors "Paddy Green" and I'm not sure of the other one, it is a teal color.

Here's a close-up of the chain-like fringe on one scarf.

All 4 scarves.

It is great to be back with dh and the chis but I sure wish I could have moved home down to the warm weather in Florida instead of coming back to the cold. It was nice and warm, probably in the mid-70s when I left Orlando, FL and it was 35 when I arrived in Louisville, KY. It's nice to come home because there is always a little honeymoon phase when dh and I are apart for a few days. 

Today is my birthday. I am trying to figure out how to have birthdays without getting older. I tried to stay at 30 but that's not working because my kids are in their 30s now. Hmmm, I need to figure something else out... I did like Florida.  I was able to have lunch with a high-school chum and her son. We hadn't seen each other since I graduated in 1975. Also liked that I was "too young" for many things such as discounts, living in certain neighborhoods and that sort of thing. I did feel kind of young down there. A phrase I read several times in various newspapers was "women of a certain age." Sounds mysterious doesn't it? I think I'd rather be mysterious than old so next year when I'm 55 I'm going to start using it. Y'all have a great week...


  1. Happy Birthday Sharon. Glad you had a nice time away. :)

  2. Welcome home and happy birthday! I hope you have a terrific day. Your scarves are pretty and I like the chain link fringe. Sounds like you had a nice trip, but it's always good to get home.

  3. Welcome back and Happy Birthday!!
    For some reason I was just thinking of Cathy Bates in fried green tomatoes where she hits a young woman's car in the grocery store parking lot out of frustration and she yells out "I'm older and I have better insurance." or something like that LOL. That scene always cracks me up. Hope you have the best birthday ever.

  4. Thanks! It's good to be back home but I sure wish I could have brought the weather with me.:)

  5. Happy Birthday again!!! Welcome back home and I know how nice it feels to be back after a trip away :o)

    PS: Love the scarves!!

  6. Parabéns lindo seus trabalhos,bjus


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