07 March 2011


When I was in Florida, my uncle took me to several thrift stores and flea markets. He knows how much I love them! I was fortunate to find sheets for my bed, a California King Size, for only $20. One set was 800 count and the other was 850. I got dh a couple ball caps with the Navy logo on them for only $2 each. My biggest excitement came from the crochet patterns I was able to grab at bargain-basement prices.

These were only 75 cents each:

Don't know if I'll make these but it is great to look at the pictures.

Few hats and baby things in here that I might make.

Regular Price:
Paid regular price for this at a book store. I have NEVER found
any of Drew's books at a store before.

50 cent items:

There is a cute long-sleeved version of the green sweater that I've been drooling over.

Only 25 cents for these:

One booth had crochet hooks with wooden handles similar to the Bates bamboo hooks. They were only $5. I was going to get a G-hook but they were all out. I thought the price was well worth it. 

Don't you just love a good bargain? I better get busy around here. Birthday or not there are chores to do. :)


  1. That's a lot of good "vintage" crochet books, great shopping!

  2. Birthday??? Happy Birthday to you girl!! Oh man I would have been like a little kid if I could find all those goodies you got. Im like you I might not make any of it but it sure is fun to look at them too. I probably would have bought the hooks even though I have plenty LOL Congrats on all your good deals :o)


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