09 February 2011

Slipper Marathon...

Here is my current crochet project. I need some quick gifts so I'm whipping up some slippers. I made one slipper last night. It's for a man and I had to resize the pattern a bit so that it would fit. Here's what I have so far:
I may have to pick up another skein of the variegated yarn. I need another 2 pair for men and a couple for ladies. I may have enough ladies pairs in my gift "stash" but I need to check that out to be sure.

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  1. Good choice of colors, won't show the dirt! I've got slippers to finish too, but don't feel like it, LOL.

  2. I like the colors you used this time for the slippers you do such a good job on those :o)

  3. These are a "super-sized" slippers for a man. I had to "up-size" the pattern. I ended up with a tiny ball of the variegated yarn left-- Boy was that cutting it close. I fell in love with the variegated when I saw it and had to buy a skein even though that was breaking the New Years resolution of NOT buying yarn unless it was to supplement yarn in my stash for a planned project. Oh well, I like it and I think who gets it will too. Y'all have a good week.


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