11 February 2011

Slipper Marathon Continues...

I've made 3+ pairs of slippers in the last couple of days. Tomorrow I'll finish up the 4th pair and post pictures for you. I've "super-sized" the pattern for big men so if any of you would like the modifications to the pattern just ask me and I'll post the modifications for you. I've been able to use up several partial skeins of yarn so that's really good. Just need to use up some more so I can see what I have. Here's the pattern I'm using. It's the one I always use so some of you have probably already seen it. Today I was digging through my stack of patterns and I found the book it was published in. Boy was that book tattered from being used so much! Thanks for visiting and hugs...

Search Amazon.com for slipper crochet pattern


  1. Looking forward to seeing all your slippers. I like the ankle boot shape. Hope you have a great day. I hear our weather is supposed to warm up a bit in the next few days....still in the teens now though.

  2. Would love your larger version of the pattern! I've used this one as well, but had to make some alterations for the long skinny feet they would be keeping warm!

  3. my goodness you have been busy 3+ pairs, I was off today and had chores to do this morning but when I got home all I did was sit around and think about starting an afghan I want to start making, needless to say I didnt get around to it I was just too dang tired LOL

  4. You're a busy lady Lynn so just take your time. Most of the time I spend more time LOOKING at patterns and thinking about what I want to make than actually making anything. Silly, silly Sharon!


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