11 February 2011

Slipper Progress...

Here's the progress I've made on the slippers marathon I've had going on. I need to make some more "big men's slippers" and maybe another pair or 2 of women's just to be sure I have enough. Here's the basic pattern I used. The "big men's slippers" are from a modification I did to the original pattern.  Thanks for looking. Y'all have a great week...


  1. Thanks for the Family Search.org info. I went there tonight and discovered that my paternal grandfather had been married and divorced before he married my grandmother.

    Since Dad is deceased, andd my Aunt who seemed to know everything about the family is deceased, tomorrow I am calling a cousin and asking her to ask her mom what she knows about this.

    The things you find out when you aren't looking.

  2. Looking great as always :) Hope you have a great Sunday!


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