17 February 2011

Did You Notice...?

Did you notice that under my blog's header not only do I have a link for a listing of free round(ish) afghan patterns but also for miscellaneous dog items? Under the dog items I also included some free patterns that are for sewing. I need to get off the Internet and stop looking at patterns and MAKE a few of them!

A bit off-topic but since I mentioned that dh hasn't been feeling too well I thought I'd do a quick update. He went to the doctor yesterday and when he complained of chronic headaches with neck pain and that a few days before it was so bad he had wanted to eject his dinner, they prescribed him antibiotics and told him that he had an upper respiratory infection. I don't know that I agree with that since he hasn't had runny nose or sinus congestion. He's back at work today so that is very good.

 Hope your week is going ok.


  1. Thanks for stopping by!!! What cute little chihuahua kids you have =) I see they love to play dress up too!

    Erika and Sebastian

  2. Thanks for visiting Erika and Sebastian. My little boy puts up with the clothes and he's ok with whatever I want to do but the little girl, she's something else and pouts when it's time to get dressed. :)

  3. Well first off I love seeing the pic of the lil one. I sure hope your hubby feels better and that is weird that he was diagnosed with that when you say his nose isnt even running but Im not surprised. I love the picture you have up top now, so colorful and cheery :o)

  4. Thanks Lynn. Hubby has been back to work the last 2 days. My blahs are getting better. The header on my blog is part of an afghan I made a few years ago. Finally got a picture just about centered on here. Hope all is well with you.

  5. Good to hear your husband is feeling better...a relief for you.


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