16 February 2011

Head Sizes

If any of you are like me, you have some great ideas of making hat patterns but the question is, how big around is the "normal" head. At Martha Stewart's site, she has a chart that I am borrowing to put here. I hope she doesn't get mad at me since I'm giving her credit and a link back to her site. Anyway, here's the info:

Average Head-Size Chart
Newborn (6 Months and Younger)
Circumference: 14 to 17 inches
Crown: 8 to 10 inches
Infant (6 to 12 Months)Circumference: 16 to 19 inches
Crown: 11 to 12 inches
Child (1 to 3 Years)Circumference: 18 to 20 inches
Crown: 11 to 12 inches
Child (3 Years and Older)Circumference: 20 to 22 inches
Crown: 13 to 14 inches
Adult WomanCircumference: 21 to 23 1/2 inches
Crown: 13 to 15 inches
Adult ManCircumference: 22 to 24 1/2 inches
Crown: 14 to 16 inches

Read more at Marthastewart.com: Polarfleece Hats - Martha Stewart Crafts 


  1. Great info. Thank you for sharing. :-)

  2. That is a handy chart indeed and Im sure Martha wont mind LOL

  3. Thanks for posting this. Seems like I'm always searching for the correct hat/head sizes for the rapidly growing baby grands!


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