01 February 2011

Another Pair of Baby Booties

I'm really enjoying crocheting baby booties for some reason. I did another pair today. I used the same pattern as the pair I made yesterday but I used the other option for the cuff. I also added little pompoms to the ends of the ties. This used up some more scrap yarn. The remainder of this skein is now going to become part of a "magic ball." Here's a picture of 'em:

Pattern source: Voelker, Estelle. "Winner's Circle: Easy Baby Booties."  Crochet World, June 2010: 6-7.


  1. I love it when you find a pattern that is really comfortable and you enjoy it. Great you are getting to use up your leftovers too.

  2. OMG those are just adorable, it is always fun to crochet baby things lol I need to check my magazines I think I might have that one. Maybe one day you can put those booties and a little grandbaby :o)


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