02 February 2011

And Yet ANOTHER Call from the SCAMMERS!

If you've been visiting my blog lately, you may have noticed that I've been getting many calls from an organization that specializes in identity theft. Well, I just received ANOTHER call from them at about 2:45 this afternoon. This time, as soon as I talked to the person and said "no" to the question "do you want to reduce the interest rates on your credit cards?" the woman (this time it was a female) hung up on ME. She didn't even give me the opportunity to say that they needed to remove my number from their list and not to call again. The number the call came from this time was (870) 000-6654. I'm off to file ANOTHER complaint!


  1. We get calls like that as well, but most are automated. It is frustrating. I've heard it takes 30 days to get off their lists...hang in there. Hope you are staying warm, it's a balmy 20ish degrees here. :-)

  2. It's been going on for a couple years. Getting frustrating. A few calls ago the "gentleman" told me I'd be hearing back from them. It's like purposeful harassment.

  3. Sorry about the scammers, I love your new picture at the top of your page, hope you are doing well :o)


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