31 January 2011

Why Won't the Scammers aka "Credit Card Services" Stop Calling?

I know I shouldn't answer the phone when I see a telephone number that that starts with "000" I should ignore it. I don't even though it is probably "Credit Card Services". I want to tell them again not to call and document that they are in violation of the "do not call" registry. Tonight at about 5:15, I see the number (637) 000-2238 on my caller id. I answer it, listen to the recording press the button to speak with someone, tell them to stop calling, that I have reported them several times in the past week and will do it again tonight. I told them that they were scammers and identity thieves and to take my name off their list and stop calling. He said they were not any of the things I said they were and that he'd be calling AGAIN! I told him in bad, bad language (left over from my days as a sailor) what he could do with himself. I thought he'd hangup but he didn't and then I did. I have already filed my new complaint with the "do not call" registry. One of these days they will be caught.

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