31 January 2011

Did a Small, Quick Project Today

Today as I was keeping an eye on the worker who was fixing my oven, I decided that I needed a small project to work on because my kitchen is very small and the afghan I'm working on is getting pretty big. I went into the yarn warehouse (aka craftroom/extra bedroom) and grabbed a couple crochet-type magazines and a small bag of yarn odds and ends. I found this cute pattern for baby booties and so that's what I made. This pattern was easy and worked up fast. OK, I know I used Christmas colors but maybe someone will have a Christmas baby this year. :) Sorry the picture isn't very good, the lighting inside and outside is bad today. Here's the pic:
Pattern source: Voelker, Estelle. "Winner's Circle: Easy Baby Booties." Crochet World, June 2010: 6-7.


  1. If nobody has a Christmas baby I'm sure that your local children's hospital or women's shelter would appreciate them as a donation. Very cute!

  2. Aww I love those too!!


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