24 January 2011

There is still plenty of time to crochet your fur-baby a bit of crocheted bling for Valentine Day. A pretty collar of hearts would look really pretty for your K-9 Valentine (oooh, that rhymed, I'm a poet). Have fun...

Note: This is Opi before he became a "chunky monkey." :)


  1. That collar is adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Just so cute and that is funny about your chunky monkey hehehe thanks for sharing the fur baby :o)

  3. "Chunky Monkey" used to be a skinny little guy until he was a few years old and had the "operation." Within a MONTH he had gained a little over 3 pounds and that's quite a bit for a guy who had been 4 1/2 pounds! He's my little lover though--a Mama's Boy :)


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