23 January 2011

Found an Interesting Butterfly Looming Blog...

Small Butterfly Loom

Have any of you seen the butterfly looms? I fell in love with the idea of making some beautiful afghans with them and when Annie's Attic had them on deep-discount several years ago I bought 3 or 4 different sizes. They're now sitting in my "yarn warehouse" gathering dust! After seeing this new-to-me blog, I will be dusting mine off and putting them to use after I finish up a few crochet wips! Check out the Butterfly Loom Blogspot and see some great projects and how-to videos.

Search Amazon.com for butterfly loom


  1. I remember seeing something similar. I may even have a version of one around here somewhere. Great idea!

  2. Cool blog I would have to get someone to show me that in person because I didnt understand a word of how they did that loom LOL I was fascinated on the one post that said after the rain looked who arrived for breakfast and those two pretty birds were on the table I dont know where they live but I want to live there too with birds like that LOL Hope you are having a good Sunday :o)


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