23 January 2011

Nellie is Kickin' Back with Dad...

Just thought I'd share this cute picture of Nellie Belle. This is the position you'll see her in most nights as she cuddles in the recliner by her "daddy" and gets her belly tickled... :)
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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  1. Now isn't that the cutest. She looks so comfy. :)

  2. LOL I want me a Nellie so bad, I know she is just spoiled rotten, thanks for sharing again :o)

  3. Thanks! She is spoiled rotten. When you get to our age, kids are grown and only one "adopted" granddaughter it is inevitable the furbabies will be spoiled rotten. Lynn, if you're ever in the area Nellie will be happy to play with you. :)


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