03 November 2010

Nellie Belle's Sweater is Finished

I finished Nellie Belle's sweater just a little bit ago. She once again was a bit irked when I made her put it on for pictures. Here, may I present Miss Nellie Belle in all her glory--
Maaa, not the camera again???!!!

OK Sweetie, Momma loves you...

Another look at the sweater

The pattern I started out with is from Lion Brand's free patterns. I Mentioned in my previous post that I modified the collar, back, chest and added leg straps oh, and used different yarn than what the pattern called for AND a different size hook. Hmm, is it a new pattern?


  1. You gotta' love a puppy in a sparkly pink sweater!

  2. She's actually a "big girl"--5 years old. She's a chubby chihuahua :)

  3. Yeah, but they're always puppies in our hearts, aren't they?

  4. Awww - she's so cute. Her sweater turned out nice. :)

  5. Thank you. Yep, she's the baby :)
    She is very, very spoiled but we love her.


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